HEAL is a research group at the Center for Healthy Aging that focuses on understanding aging as a process of social, cultural, and physical change during the course of life.

Health and Aging in Everyday Life

Based at the Department of Ethnology, Saxo institute, Health and Aging in Everyday Life (HEAL) is a research group affiliated with the Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA) at the University of Copenhagen. The HEAL group is one of the strongest Danish research clusters in the field of humanistic health research and cultural gerontology.

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Center Financing

The Center for Healthy Aging has been established through funding from the Nordea Foundation’s largest-ever research endowment. Funds were awarded based on the assessment that CEHA epitomises the essence of the Foundation’s grant strategy: to promote good living.


The research conducted by the HEAL group primarily focuses on health and aging in people’s everyday lives – this work ranges from studies of ‘active elderly’ communities and motivation to experiences of fatigue after a stroke and health technologies.

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The HEAL group researchers have published a variety of articles, papers and PhD theses on the subjects of health and aging in everyday life.

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